The Dead Duck That Started It All

Zach and I have dated around 3 years. We met in high school, and it just kind of went from there. I never imagined not dating him throughout college, and we just kind of had this unspoken agreement that this was it. We were “the ones” for each other. Pretty sweet, actually.

One of our first pictures together!

One of our first pictures together!

Zach is an oil changer at a auto shop here in Martin. I work at McDonald’s and go to school. We obviously live different lives! He prefers to remain in the world of technology-less “dumb” phones, whereas I’m kind of obsessed with anything with a wi-fi connection. And any type of media design. On the same note, he can shoot anything and take any type of motor apart and put it back together- whereas I would probably have a heart attack if someone handed me a shot gun and asked me to shoot something. It works.

Anyways, back to our engagement. As I mentioned earlier, Zach is quite the hunter, and where his hunting love lies is in duck hunting. We live an hour away from Reelfoot Lake, and so from December to the beginning of February, I pretty much lose him to his first love. It’s okay though. I do lots of glittery DIY projects during this time, so he doesn’t have to stress about glitter being everywhere. I just vacuum before he comes home! 🙂 We had an ice storm on December the 6 ( I think ) and everyone was pretty much snowed in, except for hunters who somehow made it to the lake to kill ducks, Zach included.

After waiting around at my mom’s house for about 2 days because I get bored here alone sometimes and we live right next door to her, Zach and his best friend John decided to come home. John’s wife, Brada, who is one of my best friends, was staying with me. We all ate supper at my mom’s house, and then walked back down to my house to hang out.


My ring!

This all took place on a Sunday night, as I was studying for a Biology exam early Monday morning. I hate biology, with a passion. John and Zach were outside doing something (we didn’t know until the proposal happened) but then John came inside and informed me Zach had killed a banded duck that I just HAD to come see. I feel like this is the correct time to tell people I am not a hunter, but I do support it. However, I care nothing about seeing the dead animals unless we are eating them! 🙂 I grumpily get up and go outside, to find Zach holding a dead duck. After inquiring where the band was on the duck because I couldn’t see it, Zach got down on one knee,  pulls out my engagement ring, and asked me if we could band the duck, then asked me to marry him. I loved it.. so him and so funny! Definitely a perfect memory and fun story to retell. After a few moments of looking at him blankly and asking him if he was joking, I said yes!

We then walked up to my parent’s house to inform them of the good news.. and they were just as excited as we were! We spent the rest of the night calling family members, and then putting it on Facebook to allow all of our friends to find out. Over 200 likes and around 60 comments later.. it seemed like the whole town knew!

We immediately began talking about what we wanted ceremony wise. (And by we, I mean I talked and Zach offered yes’s or no’s!) After drafting a guest list of all the people we would need to invite if we held the ceremony in our hometown, which reached around 300 people, we decided to have a “weddingmoon” in Mexico. Zach hasn’t been to the beach since he was a small child, and I can’t imagine our wedding taking place anywhere else other than the beach! So, Mexico it is. 🙂

That’s as far as we’ve gotten for now. Our closest family members and friends have agreed to make the journey, so the search is on for resorts! My aunt is a travel agent, so I’m hoping to talk her into being our booker! We’ve narrowed it down to a few we love, and I’m particularly in love with the Palace Resorts, especially the Beach Palace. I love their $1500 resort credit and are hoping that they’ll roll that over into 2015. I also love their complimentary wedding package, it’s so beautiful and simple and exactly what I would choose for my dream wedding. I can’t wait to make more decisions.. first up: Deciding for sure on a resort! 🙂

A few upcoming decisions:

  • Asking our bridal party/grooms party
  • Buying a Wedding Dress
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Save the Dates & Invites

Till next time.. keep it lovely!

xoxo, Mae.



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