DSC_5989I’m Maegan. And this is a very small recap of my life:

I live in Dresden, and work at both McDonald’s and the Health and Human Performance Office in the Elam Center on campus. Having two jobs and school gets crazy sometimes, but I honestly don’t know what I would do with very much free time on my hands. Probably procrastinate and get nothing done, because that’s what I’m best at in the world, procrastination. I have 3 brothers, and absolutely no sisters, which upsets me sometimes. I don’t ever get to talk about anything other than football or hunting with them! But that’s okay. That guy in the picture? That’s my fiance, Zach. He’s pretty cool. He works at Reynolds Brothers in Martin. We have a chocolate lab named Tucker and a little bity tiny shih tzu named Ellie. We’re polar opposites, but that’s okay. I don’t even know how to shoot a gun, and he hunts 24/7, like anything that moves (deer, fish, ducks.. you name it.). He hates anything to do with technology, and I’m in love with my laptop. It makes for some interesting conversation!

We were engaged in December of 2013, and are currently planning a destination wedding for Summer of 2015 in Mexico. I’m crazy in love with the Mexican culture of bright colors and fiestas, so get ready for some super fun DIYs!

I’m a Public Relations major and Marketing minor. I would LOVE to go into some type of design or strategic planning when I graduate. I love both of them and play around with them whenever  I have free time, so making a career out of it would be fabulous! Anyways, read on, fellow bloggers. I’m sure somewhere in my long winded blog posts there’ll be something interesting or profound. 🙂


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